Benefits of

What Doctors And Patients Say

Doctors and practitioners at the Stress Reduction Clinic of the University of Massachusetts Medical
Center, whose patients have participated in their MBSR program, report:

I have had many patients for whom this program was the most important part of their  
therapeutic regimen.

It has helped my patients with chronic low back pain and neck pain many times over the past
ten years

This is the first week in my life that I can remember not feeling angry.  I have been given the
gift of hope.

I'm trying out new ways of being, of responding, in the midst of repetitive situations, and it's

Participants speak openly about layers falling away, being more myself, and being more
aware of my capacity to ride the ups and downs of life.

Stress in Our Lives

Stress is a common experience -- a natural component of everyone’s life, which can enhance
an activity or debilitate it, bring energy or exhaustion. Today many people seem to be numb or
totally stressed. It is as if our circuits are fried – burned out. The feeling of being stuck is

When we do not respond well to stress, our personal lives suffer and the work environment
loses its vitality. We are robbed of our energy and natural creativity and suffer the loss of
productivity and profit.  

Many of our cherished activities provide a balance to this excess stress: exercise, physical
work, vacations, sports, reading, enjoying the arts, watching television, socializing with friends,
sex, having a drink, going sailing, etc. Although these pleasures may offset the more harmful
effects of stress, they often can be time consuming, expensive, and ineffective in the long run.
In addition, all of these healthy activities can be significantly enhanced by mindfulness skills.

Significant studies suggest the healing character of mindfulness-based practice upon common
stress symptoms, including:

Excessive busyness and stresses of everyday life
Headaches and muscle tension
Coronary related diseases
Insomnia and fatigue
Loneliness and depression

Benefits of MBSR
Complementary to many physical and psychological
therapies, MBSR is a valuable intervention. It provides
an avenue into our natural healing abilities and the
opportunity for us to participate in our own treatment.
Recently, leading western medical schools have
acknowledged these inner resources and incorporated
this recognition into their curricula. MBSR practice
this power available to all of us.
Health, happiness, inner freedom, fulfillment and
friendship do not fit easily into the fabric of our
commercial society. These can, however, be
encouraged and developed through cultivating
the skills embodied by mindfulness practice.

William F. Mies
(410) 349-1980